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​Edgar Breau grew up in the hardscrabble east-end

Hamilton,Ontario neighbourhood just a stone's throw

from the steel mills which gave sustenance and weird

nightime colour to the city affectionately referred to as

"The Hammer".Early on, he picked up a six-string

Harmony acoustic guitar and set about learning Gordon

Lightfoot,Kinks and Donovan tunes for fun, but soon

embarked on a songwriting journey of his own, eventually

forming a rock band,Simply Saucer, with friends.Though

initially doomed to almost catastrophic failure in the late

1970's,after six years of struggle,the band would find

belated international critical acclaim when a vinyl album

then CD,"Cyborgs Revisited", was released on journalist

Bruce Mowat's tiny Indie label,"Mole Sound Recordings".

After acstatic reviews in publications and fanzines around

the world including;UNCUT,MOJO,The London Times,

Village Voice and Creem (among many others....),it was

deemed a bona fide Proto-Punk classic. In a recent issue

of UNCUT,celebrating the precursers to the Punk era such

as The MC5 and The New York Dolls, the companion

compilation CD included Simply Saucer.The U.K. based

magazine hailed Breau as a prophetic Punk visionary.By

the time "Cyborgs Revisited" had saw the light of day in

the late 80's, Edgar had retooled himself and with the help

of a Grit Laskin engineered acoustic guitar and influenced

by American guitar icon,John Fahey's instrumental pieces

he set about re-inventing himself as a singer/songwriter in

the long troubadour tradition, extending far back to his

early influences such as Tim Hardin, Fred Neil and bluesman

Lightnin' Hopkins. While presiding at the helm of the

present day incarnation of Simply Saucer, he continues

to nurture a solo career - first with "Canadian Primitive" in 2004, the acclaimed  "Patches Of Blue (2013). His most recent full  length CD " Edgar Breau" (2018), on Flying Inn

Recordings celebrates all these things and much more.




 ....... abandoning the electric (and electrifying) mayhem of his legacy, the solo

Breau has created a sublimely atmospheric kind of melancholy that will be familiar to

acolytes of everyone from Chet Baker to Robert Wyatt .......       

                                                              John Sakamoto

                                                             The Toronto Star


        ..... this Simply Saucer pilot fastens his      seatbelt for  a  solo mission while proving

               he can make a perfect landing .....



       ...... but what's going on here is more than genre work  or gear shifting - it's some 

genuinely intense, sincere troubadour-ism, telling tales  and really meaning them .....

                                                         Roctober Magazine



       ...... and the way he can mix various

        aspects of singer/songwriter sunshine and

      lollipops with a draconian vision straight outta

         The Velvet Underground is something that

               continues to amaze me ......


               Black To Comm (Blog To Comm) USA






"... a touching and quizzical - most of all stoutly

       individual album, from a gent who has long

               deserved far wider exposure ..."

                           WE ARE CULT - Jan. 2018

"Edgar Breau is a resolutely self assured release

from a man who knows how to wield his images

and  influences and make them all his own...."

                           Bob Bryden

            Christmas/Reign Ghost legend

                        and music blogger

" Simply Saucer legend, Edgar Breau, has been

making great music of his own since "Canadian

Primitive" in 2004, and his third longplayer is his most accomplished yet - he creates a glorious cornucopia of Pop and Folk tunes, effortlessly amalgamating Fahey-esque picking, raga influenced psychedelia,  CSN - style West Coast harmonizing and avant-garde guitar

experiments with fluid, Cosmic Country and pastoral Anglo-Pop...."

                  SHINDIG Magazine U.K.



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