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​     SAUCER​73 is a present day spinoff of the internationally lauded Proto-

Punk/Psych/Art Rock band, Simply Saucer as a commemorative project for

its amazing 40 year history.Formed in 1973 by Edgar Breau,Paul Colilli,David

Byers and Kevin Christoff in addition to several like-minded young musicians,

the earliest incarnation of Simply Saucer set about the task of deconstructing

the musical landscape of the time,creating wild, primal sonic explorations that

wrapped around song stucture contributions by the members. This culminated

in an off the floor reel-to-reel recording in their third floor loft in downtown Hamilton,

Ontario,Canada (summer 1973) that has

unfortunately been lost to history and time.

Some months later, the band would evolve

into the unit that created the music that

would become,"Cyborgs Revisited", un-

leashed to an adoring public 15 years after

having been recorded and a decade after

the band's demise. Re-uniting in Feb. 2009 

for an improvisational session,the four

members have since begun to record new

material while the present day incarnation

of Simply Saucer with Edgar Breau and

Kevin Christoff at the helm, continues to be

a vital musical force in both the live stage

and recording arenas.The band has had a long and storied journey and Saucer73 will

honour those very beginnings with the release of,"Who Can See The Shadow Of The

Sun?", paying homage to both its early,gritty evolution as well as the great wealth of

Underground releases from the "golden age" of Art Rock from the early 1960's and 70's

so imprinted in the souls and minds of the musicians that make up both Saucer73 and  its revered parent,Simply Saucer. "Who Can See The Shadow Of The Sun?" has an anticipated release date of Fall, 2013.


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